Cattle Population Needed To Sustain Meat Eating By Humans

cattle for meat eatingI have been saying all this while that the only reasons why we should be a vegetarian and not eat meat are natural and environmental. We have already had a fair amount of discussion with reference to the natural reasons – God Made Us Vegetarian, We Made Ourselves Meat Eaters.

Let us now embark on the environmental factor. Before we do so, in my opinion we need to first work out what is the number of animals needed to satisfy the meat eating…

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If Life That Feels No Pain Can Be Killed, Then Abortion Is No Big Deal

no abortion pregnancy

While all vegetarians and vegans agree that plants too have life and therefore they are taking away life when they eat vegetables, they justify it by saying that “plants do not feel pain as they do not have a Central Nervous System, pain sensors or emotional relationships like animals and hence it is all right to kill them.”

I am a vegetarian and yet that is not my philosophy or conviction. I believe that …

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Red Meat Ups Blindness Risk by 50%

Early atrophic age-related macular degeneration.I have come to believe that one of the constants in this world is that research always comes up with new findings to negate what it had said earlier. In school every year I would be taught that what I was told in the previous grade was not the gospel truth and that there were exceptions. Same is the case with research findings in all fields including the area of connection between health and meat.

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What Religion Means When It Says “Love Animals”

Autumn Chestnut (Explored!)While reading about the stand of various religions on meat eating, one of the constant themes that I got was about every religion’s advice that we should not be cruel to animals. There have been innumerable references in all religious texts and quotes attributed to religious leaders which convey love for animals.

Many of these can be found under the Quotes pages in this website as well.

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easy vegetarian recipes
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