The Objective of this website is to promote a Vegetarian Lifestyle:


get more & more people to eat more & more of plant based food, and

get more & more people to use more & more of plant based products.

About Vegetarian By Choice

While I believe that “Life Lives on Life to Live”, and therefore everyone – plants & animals – eats living beings, we humans should be vegetarians for a number of reasons.

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Our Core Philosophy

These articles are controversial, thought provoking and represent the core philosophy of the website. They are a must read and must be commented upon!

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Vegetarian By Choice Store

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The Vegetarian By Choice Blog. A place where you'll find articles on different subjects with vegetarian & vegan themes. Opinions, Reviews, Books, Recipes, Products …

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Vegetarian Quotes

Vegetarian By Choice Quotes

Interesting quotes on vegetarian lifestyle from both the opposing sides – vegetarian minority versus the meat eating majority

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