About Vegetarian By Choice

vegetarian by choiceHi, I am Sanjeev. I live in New Delhi, India with my wife and two children. My interests include reading, writing, thinking (day dreaming), cooking, eating (what is cooked by me and others), traveling, talking, acting, movies, music, sleeping, walking – basically everything and nothing.

I like to read about politics, management – especially sales management, paranormal, environment and astronomy. I am a vegetarian by choice (and that is what this website is about – being a vegetarian by choice. I am not very religious in the sense that I do not go to a temple on every possible occasion, but I do believe in the presence of a supreme being who could even be called Nature.

Why I turned Vegetarian?

It is not as if I was born a vegetarian – on the contrary I was a hard core carnivore who became a vegetarian quite late in life – if age of 29 can be described as late. I gave up eating meat for reasons of heart and I have talked about it on my first post – I am a Vegetarian by Choice.

Why I remained a Vegetarian?

Later, when I started experiencing the withdrawal symptoms of meat eating, I realized that I would have to talk to my wife and try and convert her into a meat eating lady. I also knew that she was as intelligent as I was (I can’t publicly admit that she is more intelligent than me, can I?) and hence I had to have rock solid reasons to convince her to change her eating habits. It was during this time when I was doing the thinking about how and why a person should eat meat, that I started getting skeptical about the whole thing. And finally, the unthinkable happened. Instead of making her a carnivore, I became a true vegetarian.

This website is a work in progress and will be an expression of my thoughts on the controversial subject of meat versus vegetables. While I believe that “Life Lives on Life to Live”, and therefore everyone eats living beings, we humans should be vegetarians.

My reasons for feeling so strongly about the vegetarian way of life has nothing to do with religion, ethics, animal rights and all other similar moralistic ideas. I believe that Vegetarianism is the only way in which we will be able to protect the environment and ultimately the human race. And those are the core benefits of being a vegetarian.

If we continue to eat meat the way we do, one day only one life form will be eradicated from this planet – human beings.

I would like you to feel free to comment on the blog and give expression to your views on Meat versus Vegetable debate. I am sure there are a multitude of people out there who do not and will never agree with what I have to say, and convert into taking only vegetarian diet,  just as I am not about to agree with their point of view (so easily)! I guess that is what makes living on this planet such an exciting experience!!

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