If Life That Feels No Pain Can Be Killed, Then Abortion Is No Big Deal

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While every vegetarian and vegan agree that plants too have life and therefore they are taking away life when they eat vegetables, they justify it by saying that “plants do not feel pain as they do not have a Central Nervous System, pain sensors or emotional relationships like animals and hence it is all right to kill them.”

I am a vegetarian and yet that is not my philosophy or conviction. I believe that the above argument that we vegetarians give to why become a vegetarian is weak. If we do not give the above as justification for killing plants for food, then we will have nothing to eat.

Red Meat Ups Blindness Risk by 50%

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I have come to believe that one of the constants in this world is that research always comes up with new findings to negate what it had said earlier. In school every year I would be taught that what I was told in the previous grade was not the gospel truth and that there were exceptions. Same is the case with research findings in all fields including the area of connection between health and meat.

What Religion Means When It Says “Love Animals”

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While reading about the stand of various religions on meat eating, one of the constant themes that I got was about every religion’s advice that we should not be cruel to animals. There have been innumerable references in all religious texts and quotes attributed to religious leaders which convey love for animals. Many of these can be found under the Quotes pages in this website as well.

Vegetarian Lifestyle And Islam

Islam is Non VegetarianIslam does not promote vegetarian lifestyle.

In this day and age if there is one religion about which one can be absolutely sure that there is no ambiguity if it prohibits meat eating or not, then I think it is Islam. Among all religions the percentage of non vegetarian people would be highest among Muslims.

I have seen a lot of sites on the internet started by Muslims who espouse the cause of vegetarianism and I have also read a lot of references about Prophet Mohammed denouncing ill treatment of animals.

Christianity and Vegetarian Thought – No Common Ground for the Two

Vegetarian ChristianChristianity does not support vegetarianism and hence it is not possible to promote vegetarian diet using Christian religion. I know there would be a lot of vegetarian Christians out there who would protest, but then they are in a minority. Even they do not know what their number is. This theme will be read a lot of times in this article – if Christians believe that their religions supports vegetarianism then why is it that there are so few Christian vegetarians?

Negative Reasons for Being a Vegetarian

vegetarianThis website is about being a Vegetarian by Choice. I have also stated in my earlier posts that I am a Vegetarian by choice. In my first post – I am a Vegetarian by Choice – I have mentioned that for the first 29 years of my life, I used to eat meat but later became a vegetarian because I met a woman I wanted to marry and she was a vegetarian. I have remained a vegetarian after that (now it is almost 16 years since my conversion to vegetarianism) and I think it is a good idea to become…

Who Is A Lacto Vegetarian

Lacto VegetarianLacto Vegetarian is a vegetarian who does not eat flesh or eggs of any kind – animal, fish or bird.

Lacto Vegetarians however consume dairy products such as milk, vegetarian cheese (without animal rennet), yogurt (without gelatin), butter, curd and cream.

The origin of “lacto” is the Latin word for milk, [lac, lactis].

I belong to this category of vegetarians. So you can call me a lacto vegetarian

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