Cattle Population Needed To Sustain Meat Eating By Humans

cattle for meat eatingI have been saying all this while that the only reasons why we should be a vegetarian and not eat meat are natural and environmental. We have already had a fair amount of discussion with reference to the natural reasons – God Made Us Vegetarian, We Made Ourselves Meat Eaters.

Let us now embark on the environmental factor. Before we do so, in my opinion we need to first work out what is the number of animals needed to satisfy the meat eating…

Give Me 100 Thousand Years, And I’ll Make Cows Meat Eater!!

vegetarian cow to meat eaterA lot of people (non vegetarian people) in defense of meat eating say that ‘All available evidence indicates that the NATURAL human diet is Omnivorous and would include meat.”

The proof given for this claim is the fact that archaeological records, as far back as they can be traced, indicate an omnivorous diet for humans that included meat. It is stated that “our ancestry is among the hunter/gatherers from the beginning. Once domestication of food sources began, it included both animals and plants”.

Is Human Design Indeed A Vegetarian Design?

Human_Are_Vegetarian_By_DesignOne of my previous posts “God Made Us Vegetarian, We Made Ourselves Meat Eaters” evoked a fair amount of reaction from the people who read it. I had also submitted it to one of the groups that I am a member of on LinkedIn and the reaction was quite extreme. Unfortunately for me the number who seemed to agree with my point of view were far less than the ones that disagreed wholeheartedly with what I had to state.

God Made Us Vegetarian, We Made Ourselves Meat Eaters

vegetarianHuman design is a vegetarian design.

That is right. God told me the following three things:

  1. He designed human beings to be vegetarian.
  2. Unfortunately, the human race became too intelligent for its own good and turned into a non vegetarian one.
  3. Eventually, this more than necessary intelligence is what will one day bring about the downfall of the infallible and arrogant homo sapiens.

If Life That Feels No Pain Can Be Killed, Then Abortion Is No Big Deal

no abortion pregnancy

Image by Michael Foox

While every vegetarian and vegan agree that plants too have life and therefore they are taking away life when they eat vegetables, they justify it by saying that “plants do not feel pain as they do not have a Central Nervous System, pain sensors or emotional relationships like animals and hence it is all right to kill them.”

I am a vegetarian and yet that is not my philosophy or conviction. I believe that the above argument that we vegetarians give to why become a vegetarian is weak. If we do not give the above as justification for killing plants for food, then we will have nothing to eat.

Vegetarian Lifestyle And Islam

Islam is Non VegetarianIslam does not promote vegetarian lifestyle.

In this day and age if there is one religion about which one can be absolutely sure that there is no ambiguity if it prohibits meat eating or not, then I think it is Islam. Among all religions the percentage of non vegetarian people would be highest among Muslims.

I have seen a lot of sites on the internet started by Muslims who espouse the cause of vegetarianism and I have also read a lot of references about Prophet Mohammed denouncing ill treatment of animals.

Christianity and Vegetarian Thought – No Common Ground for the Two

Vegetarian ChristianChristianity does not support vegetarianism and hence it is not possible to promote vegetarian diet using Christian religion. I know there would be a lot of vegetarian Christians out there who would protest, but then they are in a minority. Even they do not know what their number is. This theme will be read a lot of times in this article – if Christians believe that their religions supports vegetarianism then why is it that there are so few Christian vegetarians?

Negative Reasons for Being a Vegetarian

vegetarianThis website is about being a Vegetarian by Choice. I have also stated in my earlier posts that I am a Vegetarian by choice. In my first post – I am a Vegetarian by Choice – I have mentioned that for the first 29 years of my life, I used to eat meat but later became a vegetarian because I met a woman I wanted to marry and she was a vegetarian. I have remained a vegetarian after that (now it is almost 16 years since my conversion to vegetarianism) and I think it is a good idea to become…

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