I came across an interesting eBook by Elke Aerts that contains information on Belgian Organic Beers and how to use them to make vegan dishes. The headline read:

“Discover all Belgian Organic Beers And How To Use Them In Great Vegan Beer Dishes”.

Before I explored a little more about using vegan beer for cooking, I was also intrigued enough to find – is beer vegan? and if I could find examples of non vegan beer. A simple google search led me to an article on Wikipedia that says – Beer is typically made from barley malt, water, hops and yeast and so is often suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Elsewhere on the same page it also says that even though many beers are vegetarian, most brewers do not reveal which beers contain animal products. Those brewers who have published this information include Bartleby's Brewery, Samuel Smith, Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, the Marble Brewery in Manchester, UK, the Black Isle Brewery, Little Valley Brewery, the Pitfield Brewery, Black Sheep Brewery and the Epic Brewing Company, Broken Compass Brewing Company. Off-limits Guinness are planning to open a new filtration plant in 2016 that will make their beer vegan-friendly.

I also tried to get answer to questions like is liquor vegan or vegetarian, what makes beer vegan and more, but on that some other time. Having satiated my curiosity about beers, I once again turned my attention to beer food recipes and got back to the ebook.

In this eBook on Belgian Beer Recipes, you'll discover that:

  • all Belgian Organic Beers are presented with related information about taste, character, alcohol, etc.
  • why some brewers swear by organic ingredients
  • what the short-chain is
  • the history of beer in a short story
  • how to use beer in cooking
  • where to buy organic beer
  • and much more…

What I found very good about the book is that Belgian Organic Beers is a very complete e-book about the rich – but still too little known – culture of organic beers in the small country of Belgium.

This e-book on Belgian Organic Beers is suitable for:

  • Belgian Beer lovers and beer lovers in general
  • people who want to lead the most ecologically responsible life possible, and still like to enjoy a beer
  • those who want to learn about the benefits of organic beers
  • those who want to know more about the various Belgian organic breweries
  • those who have interest in cuisine and want to know how to use beer in vegan cooking
  • comparison between organic beer vs regular beer
  • make organic beer list

But the author has done much more than what could be expected from her. I believe that

“Incorporating beer in a vegan recipe is not an evident matter”

vegan belgian beer recipesAnd that is what is the unique selling proposition about the eBook.

As the author herself say: “I also love fine dining (after all, who doesn’t?). Combining beer with food did not seem to be such an obvious thing at first, but my husband and I decided to learn by experiment, with surprisingly delicious results.”

She confesses that, “Other cooks with a predilection for veggie or vegan cooking went to work with organic beers before this e-book came to be. That is how we gathered a number of recipes and dishes that turned out to be nothing less than a finger-licking sensation.” And I fully agree with her.

17 delicious vegan beer recipes

In the eBook, you'll discover, how to use beer to make:

  • tempura
  • summer salad dressing
  • stews with beer
  • a mushroom risotto
  • desserts based on beer
  • fruit beer sorbet
  • and more…

This e-book is suitable for

  • those who want to discover how to make delicious dishes using beer as a main ingredient.
  • vegetarians, vegans and people that are lactose-intolerant (all recipes are 100% vegan; animal and dairy free).

As a bonus, you can also download a pdf with only the recipes (ingredients and preparation). It is much Easy to print and to use in the kitchen, rather than spilling beer on your laptop or tablet 😉

This is a very good initiative by Elke. Moreover, it is a well-designed e-book filled with interesting information. And completed with great recipes!

Being a studying beer connoisseur, I of course purchased this book immediately. It's well conceived, with clear descriptions, and great fun to read. The belgian beer food recipes provide a great value to this book. I'm glad that I stumbled upon this book. A must for anyone who loves the delicious Belgian organic beers! and food. I am certain that you'll enjoy the belgian beer recipes listed in the book as much as I did. And eating the same would be the icing on the vake.

vegan belgian beer recipes

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