vegetarian cow to meat eaterA lot of people (non vegetarian people) in defense of meat eating say that ‘All available evidence indicates that the NATURAL human diet is Omnivorous and would include meat.”

The proof given for this claim is the fact that archaeological records, as far back as they can be traced, indicate an omnivorous diet for humans that included meat. It is stated that “our ancestry is among the hunter/gatherers from the beginning. Once domestication of food sources began, it included both animals and plants”.

Well according to me all that the available evidence indicates is that human diet has included meat for a very long time – and that is very different from stating that the natural human diet is omnivorous.

How We Became Meat Eater

First we need to understand how man could have possibly started to eat meat:

  • It is certain that the first meat that man ever ate would have been of the animals that were cooked by the natural forest fire. I say “certain” because it is not possible for man to eat raw beef or similar meat.
  • If man ate raw meat of smaller and softer animals it is certain that his digestive system most likely rebelled to eating the raw meat (just as the digestive system of a lion rebels when it is fed grass) but they must have become adjusted to meat eating over a period of time. That is how meat must have become a part of man’s regular diets.
  • It is also possible that perhaps the prehistoric men who lived in frozen areas ate anything that they could to survive for lack of vegetation.

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Vegetarian Humans Became Meat Eater

And then over a period of time man, whom nature made a vegetarian, became a meat eater. Eventually this led to whole families eating meat as a main part of their meal and thus the tradition of eating meat began.  The turkey became the staple of Thanksgiving dinner.  New Year has always been associated with pork and sauerkraut.  Ham is the traditional meal of Easter.  In the summer, you can’t wait to smell the barbeque in the air.  As you think about all of the meat that we consume, it’s hard to believe that we were designed to live off of vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.

How To Evolve Cows To Become Meat Eater

Now just as man has become a meat eater over a period of time, you can covert a cow or a buffalo or deer for that matter any grass eating animal into a meat eater. After all, Man can do anything! He has the brains; he is the thinker and the super intelligent one!! This is also an oft repeated argument given in favour of meat eating.

And I am not talking through my hat. It is a well known practice among the animal farming industry where cattle are given feed which is laced with animal protein. The law in the European Union allowed up to 0.5% of the cattle feed to comprise of animal protein which has now been banned after the Mad Cow Disease was linked to this practice sometime in 2001.

The point that I am trying to make is that Man with his ingenuity can make a cow eat meat. If we mix the feed for cows with just 0.5% of animal proteins (as was or is still being done) and increase this percentage in the feed by just 0.5% per 1000 years (it can’t get more gradual than this), then in a 100 thousand years, we can make a cow consume up to 50% of the diet in the form of animal protein!!

And just as man eats his meat against the natural order, Cows too would be eating meat against their natural order.

And some historian will then after a quarter million years from now state: ‘All available archaeological evidence indicates that the NATURAL COW diet is Omnivorous and would include meat.”

Man is GOD.


vegan energy mealsPS: Check out some of these references:

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I'd like you to join this debate and share your views on vegetarian / vegan versus non vegetarian life style.

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