That is right. God told me the following three things:

  1. He designed human beings to be vegetarian.
  2. Unfortunately, the human race became too intelligent for its own good and turned into a non vegetarian one.
  3. Eventually, this more than necessary intelligence is what will one day bring about the downfall of the infallible and arrogant homo sapiens.

I asked Him how He can say so surely that He made us as vegetarian species. After all it was a few hundred thousand years ago that He created humans. I am sure He did not keep record of the design that he used to make us. And in His old age He might be getting a little forgetful!

In reply He told me something very interesting. He said, “I do not keep design of any living being that I create. All living beings are created as single piece. And even I do not have the power to recreate them, if they drive themselves to extinction because I do not keep the formula!”

So I asked Him again, “How are you so sure that you made us vegetarian beings. You have yourself admitted that you can’t refer to any design or product development paper. May be you have forgotten.”

Why human design is a vegetarian one

He smiled at my innocence and said, “Hey, I made you guys.So I know if I made you to be vegetarian or otherwise. Credit me with intelligence as much as you guys, if not more! When I created living creatures, I followed some key design principles when working out the various functions to be performed by the body parts. With regards to the eating habits of creatures – whether vegetarian or otherwise, I followed three principles:

vegetarian dietThe Acquisition Principle:  This design principle means that an adult living being should be able to catch its food on its own without any external help. To catch the food means that you are able to put you hands on the item that you want to eat. Example, a lion is able to capture the deer that it wants to kill and you are able to hold the apple you want to eat.  Now, when a lion catches a deer, it does not make use of weapons, ropes, or other such lion-made implements – rather it uses its own strength to run as fast as possible and finally overtake the prey and catch it in its own paws. Human beings can acquire only plant based (vegetarian) food in this manner. You cannot catch an animal, bird or fish yourself, without making use of man-made implements. Human beings either do not have speed or the strength or both to catch a meat producing food – consistently. It is not possible for a human or even a pack of humans (unlike a pack of wolves or dogs) to chase an animal (however big or small), overtake it and then pounce on it with speed and agility to catch hold of it – day after day through out their lives. They are not designed for this task. Thus as per acquisition principle, human beings are meant to partake vegetarian diet.

The Disarticulation Principle: By this design principle, it is meant that the predator (creature that intends to eat) should be able to kill the prey (what is intended to be eaten) on its own without any outside help. Again, as an example let’s take the case of a lion catching a deer: once the deer is caught by the lion, he does not look around for a knife or some such thing to kill the deer. The lion uses his brute strength and kills the deer with his jaws and paws.  Same is the case with all the other meat eating animals who hunt. They catch the prey and then kill it with their own bare hands, pangs, teeth or whatever body part they are meant to use. Now take the case of the human beings. Even if they are able to catch hold of an animal by some sheer luck on a good day, they will not be able to kill the animal with their own hands – unless the animal is really small, say a bird or a chick. Can you visualize a man killing a buffalo or a pig with his own hands? And how many such men would be able to do this in a population of over 6 billion people on this planet at this moment? Not many. The point that I am trying to make is that human beings are not designed to catch and kill animals – naturally. Therefore the disarticulation principle too indicates that human design is vegetarian one.

The Consumption Principle: This means that once the prey has been acquired and disarticulated, the predator should be able to consume (eat) the prey without any outside value addition. A lion is able to cut the deer with his own teeth and claws, take a bite of the flesh with his teeth and is able to chew the hard flesh with his teeth backed by super-strong jaws. Their canines are long, sharp and pointed to tear the flesh. Same is the case with all other meat eating animals – irrespective of whether they hunt or scavenge. Now take the poor man. Can he cut the animal’s flesh with his teeth? He is not provided with the technology – long, sharp and pointed canines are replaced with short and blunt ones. Also the human jaw is not really strong enough to tear and chew animal flesh. They can however eat fruits and vegetables easily without even cooking. Hence my belief that I meant them to be vegetarian.

The human design is a vegetarian design

He gave me a long and hard look. And then continued, “the human design is a vegetarian design. Man started eating meat when he discovered fire and invented implements. These two helped him do what he was otherwise not designed to do. Man is going against nature and he will eventually pay for it.

“Man must realize that it is not sinful to kill for food. But it definitely is sinful to go against nature and try to become what he is not designed for. And you should know that.

“You are intelligent. You have made great progress and incredible inventions. And you know very well that any usage of a product beyond the design limits, results in the failure of the product. So beware and be warned!”

His final words were:

“I designed you be a vegetarian. Try not to stray”

vegetarian vegan beer recipes

I look forward to your comments. Do you believe that human were designed to be vegetarian? Or do you think non vegetarian diet is natural for us human beings. If so, why? I invite you all for a healthy and tasteful debate on this vegetarian versus non vegetarian issue.

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