VegetarianThough I became a vegetarian to start with because I fell in love with a vegetarian woman (I am a Vegetarian by Choice), I think it is a negative reason to become a vegetarian because:

  1. It does not pass the test of Universal Truth:
  2. It can be used to argue a case both for and against the cause of vegetarianism

Becoming Vegetarian for love does not pass the test of Universal Truth:

I think that turning into a vegetarian because you happen to be in love (with a vegetarian) does not pass the test of Universal truth. If the answer to the question – Should you always do what the person you love does? – is an irrevocable, unambiguous and always YES, then it can be termed as a universal truth. I am sure that no one believes this. People with different interests meet and fall in love and continue to follow their different hobbies while living happily with each other. People of divergent faiths live together as lovers, life partners and do not adopt each others religion because they do not feel the necessity to do that. I even know of people who follow different diet plans (one spouse being a vegetarian and the other who would eat anything that walks with its back to the sky).

Becoming Vegetarian for love can be used to argue a case, both for and against, the cause of vegetarianism

vegetarian diet1. It is not a reason that one can give to others to convert to a vegetarian diet. What if the person you want to convert falls in love with a non-vegetarian? Theirs will be a union made in heaven since both love the same kind of kind – animal variety. And in the process you would have lost the chance of converting even one of them into your own kind, that is, a vegetarian.

2. It is not a reason which can be marketed to convert all the non vegetarians in the world to become vegetarians.

The non-veggies will start a counter movement to try to convert vegetarians into non-vegetarians if they were to fall in love with one of their kind. After all if love can make a non-vegetarian into a vegetarian, then by the same token it should be possible to make a vegetarian into a non-vegetarian. It will depend on who is hit harder. Like in my case, I was hit by the cupid harder than my better half and so I capitulated.

Of course having said this let me also acknowledge that it is a lot tougher to convert a vegetarian into a meat eater than to do the reverse. Why? I think we will take that up in some other post, some other time!

3. In these times when a relationship does not last long and divorce rates are high, what will happen if your subsequent partner was a non-vegetarian? Will you then reconvert? And how many times will you do that? Are you going to change you diet preferences to suit the partner that you are currently in relationship with?

Love should NOT be the reason to become a vegetarian

Thus it is obvious that being hit by the cupid is not a reason to become a vegetarian. One can become a vegetarian because of this, but it is not a reason that can be applied in general or marketed well to build a movement. It is also not a sustainable reason. That is why I call it a negative reason. In fact had I not become a vegetarian because of my wife, I might not even have thought of it as a reason worth even mentioning!

Is health concern a good reason to be a vegetarian?

Be VegetarianIn my next post we will get more serious and I will take up the second negative reason to become vegetarian – Health. Many a times I have seen that when people are asked why become a vegetarian – the answer given is health. While I do believe that one of the benefits of being a vegetarian could be a better health, it is still not the right reason to be a vegetarian. Why?

We will discuss relationship between health and veggie lifestyle in the next article.

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