Vegetarian Quotes

During my reading on the controversial subject of vegetarian (or non vegetarian) diet, I have come across many references made to leading lights of the yester years including the religious leaders and scriptures. Like all quotes, most of them are not within any context and I believe that the inference that one draws from these quotes is a matter of personal beliefs and convictions. Nevertheless, they make interesting reading and can be used to argue a case from both the opposing sides. This section will try and list as many quotes as possible on the debate on vegetarian versus non vegetarian diet.

Religious Quotes

vegtarian religion

These will be taken from religious texts, discourses etc. Essentially, the quotes here will have sanction of the religion. It is possible that the quote may not refer to vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet directly, but the intention about the same might be there (and that would be for the reader to judge).

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Non-Religious Quotes

Types Of Vegetarian

As the name suggests these quotes are made by great men and women because of their personal beliefs (for or against meat eating) and do not have any obvious religious connotations. Having said that it is also true that some of these beliefs might have originated because of their religious beliefs.

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Anti Vegetarian Quotes

Anti Vegetarian Quote

It would be unfair if one was not to incorporate some anti vegetarian quotes here. After all, the debate is incomplete without arguments from the opposite camp. I will however, always try to write an article giving my views on the quote! I own the site and so I will have the last word!!

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Contribute Vegetarian Quotes

This section will change over time. If you have a quote that would be of interest to the public at large, then I request you to share with us. You could write to me at and I would be delighted to add the same here.

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